2022 Summer Tee!

2022 Summer Tee!

Good evening, this is Makino.

Summer is approaching!

There are no more regulations or restrictions, but we still need to be careful.

Are you free to go out?

Today we're featuring T-shirts that you should definitely wear on such occasions.

I would like to introduce some of the works I have produced.

First, here's the first one.


This pattern has been very popular since last year.

Actually, the original source is this Western book.

Mafia photo collection.

I think I bought this over 20 years ago.

This is an idea I had been working on for a while, hoping to use it for some kind of project rather than this book lol It was long!!

Among them is this octopus.

The marks on his feet represent various gang organized crimes.

This is a motif that has been arranged in the style of a squadron patch.

Combining MOB and USARMY!

It's a little interesting, isn't it?

Next, the second one,


This is a re-release of a pattern that was well received last year!
Square dancing, an ancient American dance

The motif is lunch style.

This year, a new color, saxe blue, is available.



A "view through a keyhole" is what we call peeking!

This image is printed in a somewhat modest size on the back.

There is also a motif here,

First of all, this woman was a blonde sex symbol of the American 50s.

Jayne Mansfield became famous for her blatant sexiness.

She was an actress who was active at the same time as Marilyn Monroe.

And then we incorporated military elements into it.

Borrowing the design from Nose Art,

And this is what happened.

And fourth one!


This is Wembley, a city on the outskirts of London, England.

Nowadays, this city is famous for football and ice hockey! In particular, it is the home stadium of the England national football team.

Many people may have heard of Wembley Stadium.

There was a dirt track race track in this area from the 1930s to the 1960s, and this time we will be introducing the teams that were part of that track.

The Wembley Lion was designed based on the uniform.

Football fans, England fans, motorbike fans

This one photo is all it takes to become good friends! Lol


This one also has a motorcycle motif.


The theme is the same as before,

Dirt tracks were popular from the 1930s.

This time it's called New Cross Speedway.

The design depicts a scene of teams competing in a race on a circuit.

The iron cross is the team symbol, so cool!

This is a flyer from that time.

This is the match against Wembley.


This is for all motorheads!


Advertising design of a plug manufacturer from the 1960s

Imagine that.

"SPEED AND POWER" is an eternal theme, especially for classic car enthusiasts.

Of course!
Be sure to wear a T-shirt that lifts your spirits and enjoy it with your car!



It was published by overseas Chinese who came to America and were sent to Americans.

"Chinese American Restaurant".

Using the advertisements and novelties used there as a motif,

It's like what it would be like if we made staff T-shirts.

The white color is currently being reproduced and we are taking reservations.



It was often seen in the brand names of US products up until the 1950s.


It's a so-called registered trademark, and the T-shirt design would have looked like what it would have been like if Dry Bones had existed at the time.


These are the t-shirts that will be arriving soon.

The design is based on a 1930s knife motif and features a unique message.

A pop and horror cat!

I'm looking forward to this!!
I can't wait to see the real thing!

The body colors are white and charcoal.

This is getting long, but we are running low on some sizes so please order early.

We are also producing additional items, so please ask at each store about the progress.

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