3 Denim Overalls

3 Denim Overalls

Good evening!
This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.
This happened a while ago, but a customer is going fishing soon and said, ``If I catch a lot of fish, I'll give it to him!''
He said that to me, and a few days later, I received a fillet of tuna of a surprising size and a whole big yellowtail ✨🐟

Over the next two weeks, we enjoyed the whole fish in a variety of dishes, including carpaccio, yellowtail collar, simmered yellowtail, tuna nigiri, marinated tuna rice bowls, and fish soup!
It matured day by day and was delicious.
Thank you very much, M-san!

Well, today I'd like to introduce three pairs of denim overalls.
First off, I wore it today.

Cinch Buckle Overalls

Dry Bones' classic overalls were designed and produced based on the overalls made in America around the 1920s.

The material used is the same as the original, 10oz uneven yarn denim.

There is a watch pocket for a pocket watch, and a hole for a fob chain to tie it to.

Pencil pocket etc.

It's full of classic details.

And the back

Cinch back specifications.
This allows you to adjust the waist size.

Next, the same type

Light ounce

Made using Wabash fabric.

cotton 100%.

Refreshing blue Wabash stripes.
It is light enough to wear even in the hot summer.


The project was based on overalls from the 1930s and 1940s.

Denim Bib Overalls

The distinctive features of overalls from this period are the wide shoulder straps and the unique pockets on the bibs.

The shoulder strap is 40mm wide, the most common width.

Lightweight 10oz uneven yarn denim.

This is a rough denim that fades vertically with each wear.

The basic stitching is triple stitch chain stitching.

The stitching is reproduced to withstand heavy-duty work.

Each pair of overalls comes with Dry Bones' unique hoop, which makes it very convenient to attach a wallet chain, key chain, etc.

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The Spring Raffle will start on April 22nd! Please come along and participate!

Until next time!

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