Baffalo Plaid  2tone Sport  Jacket

Baffalo Plaid 2tone Sport Jacket

Hello! This is Ueno from sales.

It's gotten really cold here ⛄️

Christmas and year-end feeling I feel this way these days🎄🍺

New products are arriving one after another in a rush to get in before the end of the year 🏃💨💨

First, here's the new one

DJ-1158  Baffalo Plaid  2tone Sport  Jacket

It is based on the Type A-1 jacket used by the US Army and Navy in the 1920s and 1930s .

The A-1 details include a buttoned front and

Flap pockets with snap buttons designed to hide metal fittings on the outside

The block check fabric is eye-catching while still retaining the distinctive details.

The front and back of the dress feature a large 6 cm square block check pattern.

The other is a two-tone design using solid red fabric.

The next is this

Popular shirts are back in stock 👇

DS-2454  Embroidered Open Shirt “WESTERN”

An open shirt featuring western-style embroidery.

Because it is a clean design that is not too flashy

It's easy to incorporate into your outfit, so I recommend it!

We've been out of stock of some sizes and colors for a while, but now we have all sizes and colors!

We have many other items in stock📦📦📦

Please come and see it in store !

That 's it for now👋

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