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CPO Jacket


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

Time flies and it's already been half a month since the new year!
This NEW YEAR SALE will be held from January 2nd of the new year.

Due to popular demand, we are extending the event at our three directly managed stores!

This sale covers a wide range of products, including accessories that haven't been discounted in previous years, as well as spring items that you can wear from now on, so even if you're full of winter clothes, be sure to come and take a look.

Now, let me introduce today's recommended items.

This time it's this.

DJ-1161 Wool Check CPO Jacket

Buffalo check pattern CPO jacket.
This garment is made of sturdy wool material and is excellent for keeping you warm.
Furthermore, the neat length makes it easy to put on, and depending on the innerwear you wear it can be an item that you can wear for a long season.

Available in two colors: red and gray.
Both have a good presence and are easy to use.

The buttons have an anchor mark that matches the color of the fabric.
It subtly emphasizes that it is based on the US Navy.

Cupra material is used on the back of the stand collar and the yoke to prevent any itchy feeling around the neck when worn.
This is a piece that is designed not only for its design but also for its comfort.

I tried it on.

It goes well with work styles, so I threw it on over overalls and paired it with the double gusset sweatshirt that arrived in stock recently as an inner layer.
This style seems perfect for when the temperature rises a little more, or if you mainly travel by car.

At this time of year, we recommend layering it with a denim jacket, as Nagoya store manager Umezu suggests.
The red really stands out against the indigo set.

This is an item that will continue to be useful in the future, so please come and see it.

That's all for today.

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