C.P.O. Jacket. その②

CPO Jacket. Part 2

Hello! This is Ueno from sales.

Yesterday it rained a little ☂️ and it suddenly got really cold ( apparently it was as cold as December ⛄️ )

However, today in Tokyo, the weather has been sunny since the morning, and the cold has eased ☀️

It doesn't really feel cold at all...

It's still too early for a thick coat, so this is perfect for right now!

Following on from yesterday, we would like to introduce another CPO jacket⚓️

DJ-1159    Wool Solid CPO Jacket “TIGER and DRAGON”

A simple plain CPO with embroidered tiger and dragon.

The wool is thick and sturdy, yet soft and smooth to the touch.

A simple design with a tiger on the right chest, a dragon on the left arm, and no embroidery on the back.

The embroidery is impactful, but the size is not too large and not cluttered.

I think it's easy to match and easy to use .

This will be available in all stores this Friday.

And it's already in stores

Snappy Cap 🧢

DCH-586 Melton Snappy Cap

The thick, firm texture makes it easy to shape.

DCH-587 Cross Nep Snappy Cap

This item is characterized by its crunchy texture.

Dark brown with light brown and white neps.

The inside of the snap cap has a leather lining, giving it a luxurious feel.

There are two sizes : 58 and 60 .

It has a larger and more voluminous silhouette than a regular newsboy cap.

Please come and try it on in store 🍎

And, and, and, finally, an important announcement 😃


For three days from November 25th (Friday) to November 27th (Sunday)

We will be doing a pop-up at the M&C Coffee Stand in Kisarazu!!

M&C coffee stand☕️

2-6-2 Chuo, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture

I'll be bringing lots of products that will be useful in the coming season 🏃💨

For those who can't usually come to our store, for those who come regularly, and for those who are coming for the first time!

Even if you're far away, or even if you're nearby, please come and visit us! 😆

I, Ueno, and Boss Sakemaru will be in the store for three days.

You are welcome to stop by even just to chat.

Then we'll be waiting for you ❤️

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