Christmas present

Christmas present


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

It's getting colder and the end of the year feeling is gradually coming.

The other day, we decided to repair an antique stool that had been in our Osaka store for a long time, as it had become quite damaged.

I peeled off the seat, which had become tattered (I forgot to take a before picture 💦), and carefully removed the sponge, old tacks and nails inside.
First, in the skeleton state,

A new board is attached to the base,

The original reinforcement was a little weak, so I added additional cross reinforcement.

Put new urethane on it,

Cover it with Dry Bones original fabric and you're done!

It was made by an amateur so there are some rough parts, but I quite like it.
They are available in store, so please use them when trying on shoes or to place your belongings.

Now, let's get to the main topic.

It's just about two weeks until Christmas.
There will be many events being held this year, so I think many people will be going out.

Today we will introduce some items that are perfect as gifts or as a reward to yourself for all your hard work this year.

Let's start with the accessories.

In front

DAS-317 Brass Horse Shoe Bracelet


DAS-347 Brass Bit Bracelet

Two long-selling, popular bracelet styles.
It was out of stock for a while, but was recently restocked.

It is made of brass and is shaped like a horseshoe and a piece of horse equipment called a bit.

The smoked brass has a sophisticated matte texture, giving it a classic and rugged feel.
A motif popular in the West as a symbol of good luck.
It's also perfect as a gift,

Next are leather accessories.

DWM-123 Lizard Embossed Wallet

This is also the first long wallet to come in all colors in a long time.
This is a simple item, yet with a wide range of colors and lizard-embossed leather that gives it a strong presence.
The two-tone interior is also stylish.

Be sure to get it as a set with the matching belt !

DBG-001 Leather Waist Bag

This is also a popular leather bag.
The material used is horsehide, which has a fine texture and a beautiful luster.

The size is just right and it's easy to use on an everyday basis.
I've been using it for years myself.

Whether you're giving it to someone else or treating yourself, it's nice to have an item that you can use and enjoy for a long time.
The store also carries many other items that make perfect gifts, such as ties, belts, and scarves.

At this time of year, customers often tell us,

"I was looking for a present and thought I'd find something at Dry Bones..."

That's a nice thing to say 🎵

We also provide gift wrapping, so please feel free to ask.

That's all for today.

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