Colonial Panama Hat “Optimo”

Colonial Panama Hat “Optimo”

Good evening, this is Tomo from the Tokyo store.

The rainy season has ended in Tokyo and hot days continue,

How are you all doing?

It was my friend's birthday the other day,

I traveled all the way to Miura in Kanagawa Prefecture for a birthday lunch!

" Beachend " is located along the coast.

You can also enjoy your meal on the outdoor terrace.

We dined on the terrace.

It was hot, but there was a nice breeze,

I enjoyed my meal comfortably.

From now on, we recommend sitting on the terrace in the morning or evening.

The product we will introduce today is

This is the DCH-438 Colonial Panama Hat “Optimo” .

This is a Panama hat of the traditional style known as " OPTOMO ."

The colors are natural and off-white.

The sizes are 58 and 60 .

It's light and breathable, so it's easy to wear even in the hot summer.

It has a single line in the center of the crown and can also be folded.

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I tried to match it with.

Denim is good too,

Pair it with linen pants and a Cuban shirt. I think it will be a beautiful and cool style.

For women, it is also recommended as a dress.

How about this during the hot summer?

Well then, that's about it.

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