Cowichan Sweater

Cowichan Sweater


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

It's mid-December and the weather has suddenly gotten colder.
It's finally time for the kerosene stove.

In my blog the other day I introduced the repair of a chair in the shop, but recently I've been staying at home on my days off and slowly making new things.
This time it's a case for plastic containers for kerosene.

I have it in the entranceway, but I've been looking around for something to cover it with but I can't find anything suitable...

We made the box out of OSB plywood, which is relatively easy to work with and inexpensive, and covered the lid with urethane and Dry Bones original fabric, just like the chairs in the store.
I plan to use it to sit on when putting on my boots or to place some small items on it.

It's a simple setup, but it will come in handy for storing miscellaneous items in the entrance hall once winter is over.

When I do this kind of work, I find myself wanting all kinds of tools and looking around.
I'm completely ignorant about this, so if anyone knows more about it please give me some recommendations.

Now, enough of the small talk, I'd like to introduce some recommended knitwear for cold days.

First, this.

DK-129 Cowichan Sweater "SEA BASS"

Color: Black, Navy
Size: 36, 38, 40 *Navy 36 is sold out, Black 36 is the last one left!

The motif is a famous sea bass (Suzuki) motif, a vintage fish from the 1950s.

There are large sea basses placed on the front and back, and the sea bass at the back looks like it's about to be pulled up at any moment.
It's interesting how the knitting has a story and a sense of dynamism.

The material is 100% Shetland wool.
It is made of highly insulating wool material and knitted with thick gauge yarn.
The high collar also protects your neck from the cold wind.

This is an item that we would recommend not only to vintage lovers, but also to those looking for an impactful winter item, and to fishing enthusiasts.

The next is this.

DK-124 Cowichan Sweater "MOTORCYCLIST"

Isn't this a design that motorcycle enthusiasts will love?
This one also has a vintage 1950s feel to it.

I am truly amazed at how unique the patterns were at that time.
It features a detailed motorcycle on the back, a helmet and goggles on the front, and a checkered flag on the pocket, making it a playful piece.
The V-shaped cut at the chest also gives it a great presence.

If you wear this knitwear while riding your bike, you're sure to attract attention!
Of course, it is also recommended for town use.

Due to popular demand, we only have two size 38 (M) in stock!!
Currently, we have one item in stock at our Osaka store and one at our Nagoya store, but of course we can order items between our stores, so
If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

The cold weather is still continuing, so why not try wearing some warm and stylish knitwear?

That's all for today.

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