Our direct stores will also start sending out email newsletters.

Good evening, this is Makino.

If you are reading this, you may have already purchased the item at one of our directly managed stores.

Many of you may have written a "customer card."

To briefly explain to those who haven't signed up yet, we had customers write their name and address on a card at the store, register it, and then send them postcards about sales and events.

However, from the "Summer Sale" held last month,

We have discontinued the postcard mailing system!!

Maybe some of you were waiting for this!?
Or, "Is it just my house that hasn't been delivered yet?!"

I may have made you feel uneasy...

And the sale ended without me even noticing.

There may have been some people who thought this way.

For those people, I would like to take this opportunity to

I didn't send it without saying anything.

We are truly sorry!


From now on, we will send out information via email newsletter!

Everyone, please tell me your email address!

Already in stores,

You can instantly complete the registration by scanning the QR code.

Or send an email with your name to the address below:

Please send.

Tokyo store makino@dry-bones.com

Nagoya store umetsu_y@dry-bones.com

Osaka store fukita@dry-bones.com

If you have not filled out the "customer card" mentioned earlier at the store, please write your address, name, and date of birth in the email and we will send you a

We will send you a birthday card before your birthday month.

(20% off one item on all items)

If you have already registered with your customer card, you only need to enter your name.

In fact, we just sent out our first email newsletter!
We will send it with a special bonus for subscribers only!!
For those who are about to register their email addresses,

We will send you a great bonus.

We look forward to your early registration!

Well then!

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