Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket


This is Suita, Osaka store.

We are already halfway through April, and the event will finally begin this weekend.

Dry Bones' annual spring event.
Lucky draw tournament!

Please look forward to it!

And just in time for the event, we are pleased to announce that some long-awaited items have been restocked.


DJ-1004 1st Type Pleats Jacket


1st type denim pleated jacket.
Due to popular demand, this item has been out of stock for a while, but it is now back in stock in all sizes!

Made from 13.5oz uneven yarn denim, it allows you to enjoy the fading of the color.

I lined it up with my personal items that I've been wearing for about two years.
You don't really notice it when wearing it every day, but when you compare it to other clothes you can really see the changes over time.

And the key point is the specifications on the back.

This is the so-called "T-back style" that is only available in larger sizes in vintage styles.
Dry Bones 1st Type uses this sewing specification for all sizes.

This is the key point that allows you to wear it while feeling the rarer details.
Combined with the cinch buckle, it creates an old-fashioned back style.


The equally popular 2nd type will also be available this Friday!!

DJ-697A 2nd Type Denim Jacket


This is also a model that has been a long-selling and beloved item for many years.
This is a must-have item, especially for fans of the 50's.

Symmetrical flap pockets on the front.
There are tuck buttons on both sides of the back for adjusting the size, and it has a more sophisticated feel than the 1st.

In addition, each model is designed to be balanced with modern bottoms.
The length is slightly longer than the vintage one.

The hem fits well and is easy to balance with your innerwear.

These two denim jackets will suit your taste depending on the items you pair them with, your preferred age group, and your style.
This is your chance to try both at the same time, so please come and try them on.

That's all for today.

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