Denim Jacket &Pants 再入荷!

Denim jacket & pants back in stock!

This is Ueno from sales.

Thank you to everyone who always watches us 🍎
You may have noticed that something is different than usual.

The Drybones official website has been renewed!


It looks cool and is much easier to see~🤩✨

It's different from before, so it may be a little hard to understand until you get used to it, but please take a look!

Well, we have a lot of new items this week, and I'd like to introduce some of my recommendations.

First, here

DJ-979 Military Anorak

Anorak parka with a vintage design.
An anorak is a type of outerwear with a hood that is often worn in cold climates and when hiking.

The front button part has a double structure to prevent cold air and snow from getting in.
It opens wide when you unbutton it, so at this time of year you can wear it with the front open and the sleeves rolled up to stay cool.

One more

DJ-1139 Big Pocket Denim Pullover Shirt

A denim coverall made in the 1940s based on a US ARMY design.

The large pockets on both sides of the chest are not only stylish but also have excellent storage capacity.
It is possible to put a lot of things in it. Cell phones, cigarettes, etc. can be stored perfectly.
The loose cuffs can be adjusted with buttons and can also be cinch.

Both jackets are made of light-weight denim.
It will come in handy during the cooler mornings and evenings, or as a light jacket to throw on during the rainy season.

You can wear it all year round by adjusting the innerwear in autumn and winter.

And one more denim pants 👖

DP-691 Army Denim Work Trousers

Relaxed silhouette and patch pockets
Army denim work trousers featuring a long cinch back.
This size that was sold out is now back in stock!

All of these items have been restocked for the first time in a while, so be sure to try them on while they're still in stock!

See you soon~👋
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