Denim Work Shirt & Work Trousers

Denim Work Shirt & Work Trousers


This is Ueno from sales.

Last weekend, I went to Good Rockin's 27th anniversary event!

I heard that you hold an event called Good Rockin' Cruisin every year .

Due to the effects of COVID - 19, it has not been held in recent years.

This year, the event was finally held without any restrictions, so it was packed with customers .

The live show and the DJ were both really cool😍 It was a really fun and wonderful party~

Congratulations on your 27th anniversary 🎉💕

Now, recently we have a lot of new shirts arriving.

Today we will introduce the following 🔍

DS-2712 Denim Work Shirt

A versatile denim work shirt

They both use the same fabric

There are two types : one with white stitching and buttons, and one with stitching the same color as the fabric and black buttons .

It's a small difference, but it makes a big difference in the atmosphere.

White stitching It has the " THE work taste!" feel, and the stitching in the same color gives it a less work-like feel, making it look like it would go well with a neater outfit.

Of course you should choose according to your preference, but it's also good to choose according to the occasion and purpose you will be wearing it for.

Next up is denim too 👖

DP-479  Denim Work Trousers

This size has been out of stock for a while

It's finally arrived!

The look can change greatly depending on whether or not you have a center crease and how you hem the pants.

Like the shirt introduced earlier, this one piece can be coordinated with a variety of outfits.

You can wash them at home, so you can remove the center crease and wear them as regular jeans.

Press it firmly and match it neatly.

These pants are useful to have.

Both products will be available in stores tomorrow, the 27th ( Friday ) .

Please check it out while your size is still available !

See you next time 👋

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