Dry Bones のヘンリーネックシャツ

Dry Bones Henley shirt

Good evening, this is Makino.

Last week, my brother invited me to go on a tour.

The location is Oarai Campground, adjacent to Oarai Beach!
I wanted to go there in the summer, but it rained and I couldn't go.

This time I was able to get my revenge!

Just two Harleys vs two Triumphs 😁

Will it get dark again first, or will I lose my memory first?

That was my impression, but it seems that other seniors were the same.

I was saved lol

Now, to the main topic.

This Henley neck shirt was recently restocked and is now in full stock.

This is something a customer said to me recently that really impressed me.

I would definitely like to introduce it here as well.

Dry Bones Henley shirts are characterized by:

1. The sleeves are short.

When worn as an inner layer, it can be worn with a shirt, jacket, etc.

This is thought to prevent the garment from sticking out from the sleeves of your outerwear.


2. The arm circumference is a little narrow.

It is designed to prevent the sleeves from rolling up when wearing a shirt or outerwear over a Henley neck.


3. The length is slightly longer.


The length is designed to be worn tucked in.

However, I think the length is just right and not too long even when tucked out.

(I think there are individual differences)

If you don't like the thinness or shortness, choose a size smaller than you normally would.

Please choose one size larger.

The above are the features of this product, but we have received the following comments from our customers:

"Most other manufacturers have long sleeves that stick out from under your outerwear or shirt.

So the sleeves get dirty and it's a concern. Also, the length is often too short or too long. We should appeal to the public about this unique feature."

I was told that.

Thank you T-san 😊

Please give it a try.

Finally, the brown western blouson will be arriving tomorrow!

Limited quantity!!


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