2023 Rainwater Sakemaru.

It's Sakemaru on Friday, and the rainy season of 2023 is just around the corner.
I got it last November,
I enjoyed admiring the Bird of Paradise flowers for about a whole month.

By December, it was all gone...
I was asked if I wanted to try making dried flowers, so I gave it a try.
Hang it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
About 2 months.
Finally completed.

They take on a different charm than when they were fresh flowers.
Even when it withers it remains beautiful and alluring...

Today, it was the first time in a long time that a minor change was made to the
Introducing the dress shirt.

Until now, it was produced under the name "Barrymore Color Shirt".
A dress shirt with extra long points.
Actor in silent films of the 1920s
Because John Barrymore wore it,
This is the name we chose.
I've been making them for about 30 years now.
A super long-seller.
However, the actual source of the story is from this movie.

Everyone loves "GOOD FELLAS."
From the left...
Henry (protagonist),
Jimmy (the wise older brother),
Pauly (Boss),
Tommy (the cool older brother).
Directed by the great Martin Scorsese.
This is a non-fiction book written from the perspective of Henry, played by Ray Liotta.
The story is set mainly in New York in the 1950s to 1970s.
Robert De Niro plays the older brother Jimmy.
Joe Pesci plays the hotshot gangster Tommy.

The shirt worn in the play,

Finally, it has been completely renewed this year!

(Sorry for the long wait!)

First, the meaning of this shirt in the movie:
I'll try to give a full live commentary.

Joe Pesci plays the role of Tommy, a hotshot yakuza.
You'll understand if you watch the movie...
This is the type that ordinary people should avoid getting involved with.
It's really scary.
Although he is short, he always wears these long point shirts .
This makes it even more scary.
This person is described as being of Italian descent.

The main character, Henry, is played by Ray Liotta.

A young and energetic character.
He started out as a street delinquent, then became a thug, and then joined the Yakuza.
A picture-perfect life (but it all turns upside down at the end).
In this scene,
He is wearing a long point shirt with his tie knot out.
Although this person is of Irish descent,
Since her mother is of Italian descent, she becomes beloved by her boss, Paulie.

Henry's older brother,
Robert De Niro plays the smart Jimmy.

He is of Irish descent.
So I know that I can't be the top in the organization.
Because I'm not Italian,
Consistently regular collar shirts.

Pete, an Italian assassin within the organization.

Definitely a long point shirt.

Jimmy appears in a small role repeating what the others say.

He's definitely Italian, with long points.

In the movie,
Henry uses the phrase "We are WISEGUY (members of the Italian Mafia)."
In other words, Wise Guy wears a long point shirt ,
That's it.

In 2023, the revamped Long Point Shirt will debut under the name "Wise Guy"!

The length, angle and tension of this collar are perfect!
And even more so, double cuffs!
If you're a wise guy you've got to wear tough, big cuffs!
(Tommy the cool guy has a big rock in him!)

Look at this angle!
If you don't wear a tie, the left and right collars will definitely match!
The collar is also soft,
I don't think they'll be too far apart even if they tie up.
(I've watched movies in stop motion over 30 times.
I even finalized the collar thread count.)

Director Martin Scorsese said,
It is known that his family ran a custom suit shop.
She is also very particular about fashion and style.
The film's cast is also expressed through the costumes .
As for Good Fellows...
All Italian Mafia members wear this collar design.
Joe Pesci, who won the Best Supporting Actor award, is the central character of the story...

Sometimes I even wear a grey shirt!

Although they are members, they are not of Italian descent.
If you are of Irish descent, wear a regular collar shirt.
This is De Niro as Jimmy.

Ray Liotta stars in the
My father is an Irish immigrant so I'm of Irish descent...
Her mother is of Italian descent (with Paulie's permission).
The setting is that he is wearing a long point collar.

As the main character,
It also has an innovative color scheme with a clerical (white collar) and black body!
What's more, this scene is the only one to feature a complex single cuff design!
(The white buttons are also great!)

Wow, I couldn't help but speak passionately.
Martin Scorsese movies,
Of course the story is interesting too...
I definitely recommend watching it over and over again, paying close attention to the costumes!
I think you'll discover something new every time you watch it.
This "Good Fellows" is no exception.
"Taxi Driver" is no exception.
The same can be said for the TV drama "Boardwalk Empire" that was a big hit a few years ago.
As a member of the clothing store, I am also...
A movie that focuses on these costumes,
I'm happy to be able to use it as material for the project.
This item is produced in limited quantities using deadstock fabric, so be quick.
And look forward to Gray and Cleric as well (still a secret) .

Changing the topic...
The other day, I went to the Rockabilly Festival held in Shibuya.

There are many cream soda-related bands, including The Biscats.
In the 1980s and 1990s,
I thoroughly enjoyed the energetic Neoroca.

Actually, before I started Dry Bones...
I was very grateful for the cream soda.
When I was still in my twenties,
The store sold domestic deadstock goods.
The first thing I delivered was
It was Pink Dragon, which had just opened.
The first person in charge was number 2, Ban-san .
I always say, "Takeuchi-kun, feel free to bring as many as you like!
I'll buy it all for you with cash!" he said.
I remember it really helped me.
It's dead stock so it's hard to find,
Whenever something good came out, I would have Mr. Tomo take a look at it first.
The reason why Dry Bones exists today is because

It is no exaggeration to say that it is all thanks to Mr. Ban.
After that, Osamu (Otto) took over as the person in charge,
Because I went to America,
We've become estranged from each other commercially...
To all the Cream Soda staff,
We really became good friends.
Waka-san and Toshi-chan have been looking after me since the days of Twenty Faces.
We've been friends since the days of Galepara.
Eglin, Hatsuan, and Kenji.
I am still in touch with Takashi and Seiichiro.
The person I want to meet the most is Gad.
He used to take me out for drinks a lot...

With that in mind, Tori's Biscuits were amazing!
Vocalist Misaki's vocal volume is also impressive!
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was not able to attend many live shows,
It was a very satisfying event as I was able to meet many old friends.
And Misaki-chan's father, Koji-san,
Thanks to all the bands who performed!
In addition, we had customers purchase various costumes,
thank you very much.
Kenji on guitar,
Thanks also to Suke-kun on the double bass for his hard work.
See you soon.

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