Sakemaru of Qingming 2023.

This is Sakemaru on a Friday after the clear skies of 2023.
Yesterday's "cherry blossom storm"
The cherry blossoms in Tateyama have almost all fallen...
The park behind my house had a great view last weekend!

In a place called Central Park,
A park that was built on the site of an old school when I was little.
The cherry blossoms at that time,
It was still at sapling level...
After about 50 years, it has grown into a giant tree.

It was so magnificent that I was mesmerized for a while.
So that night we decided to celebrate with a cherry blossom toast.
The side dish was a sashimi platter of local fish prepared by a local fishmonger.

He brought his treasured antique "Horse Eye Plate (Edo Period)" to the fishmonger,
I requested golden-eyed snapper, spear squid, and yellowtail, and had them prepare them for me.
Exquisitely delicious!
If you want to order fish in Tateyama,
I recommend "Azabu Tateyama" !

Today, I'd like to talk about my memories of Central Park...
I would like to explain how to use my original pomade.

My 1980s...
This Central Park was a page of my youth .
Every week we would gather in the square and dance to rock and roll.
They are a race known as "rollers."
Hair styling pomade was an essential item.
So I'm used to using it...

Apparently, people these days,
It seems that many people don't know how to use pomade.
So, for now I'll show you how I use it!
(There are many ways to use it, so I'll just give you one example.)

Actually, I have very coarse and curly hair.
Basically, when I don't have my head in a bun, I wear a hat.

This time I want you to pay attention to my hair,
Sorry for wearing sunglasses and a mask (sweat)
By the way, this hat is here.
Wool fedora hat.
It is popular because it offers a variety of ribbon colors that you won't find anywhere else.

When you take off the hat, it looks like this.

Her hair was frizzy and wavy.

Especially around the white hair on the side,
It has a strong habit and jumps up.

So I use pomade to straighten it out.
First, lightly wet the entire surface with water.

My curly bangs are awful (sweat)

The sides of the gray hair,
Still excited (tears)

Here he finally appears.
Made by Dry Bones,
Super hard water-based pomade.

It is colorant-free and fragrance-free, making it extremely easy to use.
Also ideal as a base,
That's why it has such a large capacity.

I'm sorry for using it...
Contents is like this.
Scoop this up with the two fingers of your right (dominant) hand.

Approximately 2cm x 2cm x 2cm.

Then move it to your left hand...

Rub with both hands,
Make sure your fingertips touch both palms evenly.

Then...slowly smooth it over your entire hair.

Not just on the surface of your hair,
It feels like you put your fingers inside and underneath and rub it.

This keeps the big curly hair under control.
Next, fix the bulging areas on both sides.
Smooth it out with a comb.

Both sides were safely laid down.

Super hard, amazing!
(The hair above my ears was already fully grown out before I went to the barber: sweat)
(Actually, I was planning on having a two-block haircut, neatly trimmed: lol)

And the finishing touches.

The flow from both sides,
Bring it to the back center.

This completes the ducktail.

When I was playing with my friends in Central Park...
Speaking of pomades available in Tateyama...
Yanagiya, Tancho, MG-5, etc.
All were plant-based oil-based pomades.
Once you put this on your head, it's hard to take it off...
The pillowcase was smeared with pomade.
The next day at school,
I used to go to school with my hair in a pompadour.
When you really need to drop it...
The killer Mama Lemon hair wash!
If you wash it twice it comes off nicely...
My hair was dry and brittle.
My curly, coarse hair was in a state of total disarray.

Occasionally I come across unfamiliar pomades at "Rock 'n' Roll Shops" in Tokyo.
This is it.
New Nile is an animal-based oil-based pomade.

Apparently it's a hair styling product that black people have been using since before the 1950s...
My frizzy, curly hair...
It is said to have a glossy finish and can be rubbed easily.
I bought it at the time and tried it out.
Because black people's curly hair can be neatly combed...
My curly hair is the equivalent of twisting a baby's hand.
You can make a neat pompadour hairstyle...
But it was totally impossible (tears)
After all, the comb won't go through.
More than a pomade,
Close to asphalt.
Little Richard at the time
Apparently they were using New Nile...
How did they do it? I had no answer.
And more!
I used the deadly Mama Lemon and washed my hair twice, but it didn't come off at all...
I remember washing it about six times before I finally got it off.
(Obviously, it's Kissiki's Pasa Pasa squared.)

I've had such bitter memories for decades.
Now I have the opportunity to make my own pomade.
I've tried several times in the past,
At that time, we made it together,
The emphasis is on popular scents rather than performance.

This time, it was genuine.
A Dry Bones original.
Our goal is to create the pomade that I would wish I had used in the 1980s .
In other words…
"It can be easily removed with one wash of water.
Super hard, like New Nile!"
Aquarius Pomade "Plain"!!

No coloring or fragrance.
Its characteristic is that it is a versatile base coat.
There are many different types of water-based pomades available these days.
The scents are also diverse,
Musk and lavender,
From the classics like musk...
There are also many sweet flavors such as chocolate and cherry coke.
Also, for people like me who have noticeable gray hair...
Also available in blue and charcoal.
When you want to use such a "relatively soft water-based pomade",
This super hard base pomade is powerful!
Ahh, if I had a time machine...
I wish I could give a dozen of these to myself back then!
(I think so, and I think there are several thousand people who have continued to wear pompadours since then.)

By the way, this is the shirt I was wearing during the photoshoot.
Printed open collar shirt "Condor"!

This pattern is a famous super vintage.
Star of Hollywood series.
Among them, the Condor
This pattern has always been made of cotton.
Moreover, only short-sleeved pullovers exist (maybe I just haven't checked),
I've always wanted a long sleeve open top!

When you become a manufacturer, you can make the pomade or shirt that you want.
Humans are meant to live forever.
You never know what kind of luck will come your way.

The eternally young people who spent such impressionable years in the 1980s will gather together,
A big event is coming up!
Saturday, April 15, 2023!

that name as well,

The event is hosted by Ryozo, a DJ who is the same age as me, and his friends.
Japan's leading rock and roll event!
Dry Bones will also be opening for the first time!
I have many friends among the other exhibitors in the area!
Since it's an overnight event, you can drink alcohol on site!

I would be happy if we could all have a toast!
See you there next week!
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