Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered Shirts


This is Suita, Osaka store.

It's been cold this week, but from next week the temperature will rise and it will feel more spring-like.
Cherry blossom viewing season is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to it!

Well, today I'd like to introduce some recommended shirts for the upcoming warm season.


Embroidered Chambray Work Shirt “VIETNAM TIGER”


Chambray fabric is the classic material for work shirts.
A tiger, as seen on Vietnamese jackets, is embroidered on both sides of the chest.

Two tigers with lovable expressions are embroidered facing each other on the left and right.
The embroidery is done with a sophisticated yet sophisticated feel, giving it a different charm than the ferocious tigers featured on Sukajan jackets and other items.

The base work shirt itself has a chin strap, asymmetrical pockets, and lining on areas prone to rubbing.
It incorporates the details found in vintage shirts.

The next is this.

Embroidered Open Shirt “VIETNAM DRAGON”


This is an open-collar type made of rayon.

The dragon, also seen on Viet Jackets, is embroidered on the right chest.

This dragon is embroidered in a roughly styled way, which also creates a nice atmosphere.
The embroidery on only one side is not too bold and adds a subtle bad boy vibe.

The rayon material used for the shirt is a relatively thick rayon twill.
The drape is attractive and the comfort is GOOD👍

It goes well with jeans or chinos for an American casual style, but we also recommend pairing it with two-pleat slacks for a mature, playful look.

Embroidered shirts are a recommended item this spring, as they can be used as a stylish accent when you take off your jacket at this time of year, and in the near future they will become the main focus of your outfit.

That's all for today.

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