Hawaiian Shirt “SPIDER WEB”

Hawaiian Shirt "SPIDER WEB"

Hello! This is Ueno from sales.

It's hot in Tokyo today🔥☀️

It's a rare sunny day during the rainy season, and the weather looks set to be good across the country this weekend!

I can dry my laundry outside - so nice!

Well, new items are arriving every day,

Finally! The shirts you've been waiting for have arrived!!


DS-2697  S/S Hawaiian Shirt “SPIDER WEB”

We have reproduced actual kimono patterns from the Taisho to early Showa periods on Hawaiian shirts.

In Japan, spiders are said to "catch happiness" and "attract the one you are waiting for" because they use webs to catch prey.

It has been said since ancient times that it has the power to bring people together in love.

Spider webs may look poisonous, but they also have auspicious meanings .  

I'm weak when it comes to this kind of trivia lol

The fabric used is 100 % rayon.

It is smooth to the touch, soft and highly breathable, making it comfortable to wear even in the hot summer.

The buttons that resemble old coins are also a highlight.

And here is the matching fan for sale too.

DZM-001 Boshu Uchiwa "SPIDER WEB"

Using the same fabric as the shirts, we created "Boshu Uchiwa" fans, a traditional craft of Chiba Prefecture.

It's one of the three biggest fans in Japan and it's a really great fan.

It would take too long to explain, so please check out the Sakemaru blog for more details.

Perfect for fireworks and festivals! Comes with a shirt!

You can wear it in a stylish Japanese summer style~ 🎆🍉

Long sleeves are also planned for sale, but this will be around autumn .

You can make your reservation now.

They are available in all stores from today, so please come and try them on !

That 's it for now👋

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