High Back Linen Work Trousers

High Back Linen Work Trousers


My name is Ihara and I have been working at the Tokyo store since January .

He is 45 years old , born in 1977 ( the year Elvis died ) .

My hobby is playing guitar in a band.

My favorite celebrity is Yui Aragaki. (I love her.)

I only come to work a few times a month, so there are many shortcomings, but please be gentle with me.

Now let me introduce you to our new products.

DP-838 High Back Linen Work Trousers



On today's Instagram from the Tokyo store , I was wearing OFF WHITE size 34 .

( Makino-san is wearing NATURAL in yesterday's post )

These 100% linen trousers are perfect for the upcoming summer and go well with aloha shirts, hats, and combi shoes.

It has a high back and suspender buttons.

As an aside, I also incorporate combination shoes and hats into my band costumes, and I hope that one day I will be able to coordinate my entire band outfit with Dry Bones .

I hope to introduce the band on another occasion.

Thank you for your continued support.

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