In stock today

In stock today

Hello! This is Tomo from the Tokyo store.

I went to DisneySea on my day off.

No matter how many times I go there, it's always an exciting, extraordinary space.

I lost the lottery for my favorite Big Band Beat,

I was soothed by Nemo & Friends Sea Rider.

It was introduced in the blog the other day,

It arrived in store today 😊

Wool Solid CPO Jacket "TIGER" (DJ-1159)

The colors are black and wine.

Sizes available: 36 (S), 38 (M), 40 (L).

The material is 100% wool.

A plain CPO jacket with the familiar Vietjean tiger on the right chest.

The jacket has a dragon embroidered on the left sleeve.

The back is plain, so it doesn't look too flashy.

The button is an anchor button.

This time, I paired it with grey cotton pants.

DP-833 Jazz Nep Classic Trousers

The manager of the Osaka store, Suita, matched it with denim (painter pants) in his Instagram today 🤗

It looks great with thick denim, doesn't it?

DP-738 Denim Painter Pants

Before it gets really cold, you can wear it as an outer layer.

A CPO jacket that can be used as an inner layer when it gets cold.

It's versatile 😊

We'll be waiting for you at the store this weekend ☺️🎵

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