Indigo Item

Indigo Item

Hello, this is Wami from the Osaka store.

The rainy season has ended in most parts of Japan!

It rained so many times...

My parents' house is in an area that is prone to water shortages, so when there's no rain, I get worried.

Anyway, summer has come! I hope I can enjoy summer to the fullest from now on.

Well, today we'd like to introduce our new product.

First up, the Cuban shirt, perfect for summer!

S/S Slub Cuba Shirt

Size: 38(M), 40(L), 42(XL)

A beautiful indigo Cuban shirt.

The large collar gives it a resort feel.

Although it is plain, the weave has some texture and the large white shell buttons add an accent.

Size 36(S) is already sold out!

Cuban shirts of the same design but made from different fabrics are also popular.

S/S Dobby Cuba Shirt

Size: 36(S), 40(L), 42(XL)

Size 38 (M) is sold out.

If you're interested, get it soon!!

Although it's difficult to wear right away, this long-sleeved shirt has also arrived.

Denim Work Shirt

Size: 36(S), 38(M), 40(L), 42(XL)

The classic work shirt now available in denim.

The white stitching really stands out. Because it's denim, you can enjoy the changes it undergoes over time.

The pockets are also very simple!

Dry Bones work shirts are characterized by their small collars and exquisite curves.

It's classic and classy.

I don't have a work shirt like this one, so I personally would like to get one.

(For some reason, I always choose button-down shirts. Lol.)

Almost all summer items have been released, but new denim items are coming out regardless of the season, so if you like denim, keep checking back!

That's all for today.

Please be careful of the heat!

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