Jazz Nep Casquette & New Handkerchief

Jazz Nep Casquette & New Handkerchief

Hello, this is Wami from the Osaka store.

A severe cold wave is raging across Japan.

Was your area safe from the heavy snow?

As for me, it was so cold that I stayed indoors from the evening on Tuesday this week (lol).

When I left the house on Wednesday, there was a thin layer of snow!

Actually, when I left home today, it was snowing quite a bit, so I thought it might be bad to catch the train! So I left home early, but

It wasn't raining at all in Osaka city and the trains were running normally so I was relieved.

Winter is still in full swing, so please be careful!

Today we would like to introduce some newly arrived accessories.

First off, this casquette.

Jazz Nep Casquette




A 100% cotton newsboy cap that can be worn all year round.

The key point is that the material is firm and easy to shape.

This is especially recommended for those who want to wear it diagonally with less volume.

It looks great.

Slim-fit trousers made from the same fabric are also available.

Available in sizes 28, 30, 32, and 34

The size is perfect for women and slim men.

When viewed individually it may be difficult to tell the difference in colour, but when placed side by side you can see the difference.

All the colors are easy to match, so it's good to have one.

The shape is simply beautiful, so this is a pair that I would recommend to anyone who usually wears wide pants.

And new handkerchief designs!

Handkerchief "NOTE"

DBK-178 Handkerchief “CHECK”

Dry Bones handkerchiefs are large, measuring 56cm x 56cm.

It's almost like a bandana.

So you can use it for other things besides handkerchiefs!

Try wrapping it around your neck

A tie-style look over a work shirt.

For those who feel that the length is not enough,

You can also fasten it with a ring like this.

The pattern is cute even when wrapped around the head like a hair accessory, so women can use it like this:

You can use it as a handkerchief and also let it peek out from your pants pocket.

It's reasonably priced, so it's also popular as a small gift.

Please check it out in store!

And here is today's outfit incorporating the items mentioned above.

・Jazz Nep Casquette (NAVY)

・Double Breast Herringbone Wool Work Jacket “YOUNG VITO”

・Ombre Check Wool Work Vest

・Solid Flannel Work Shirt

・Handkerchief "NOTE"

・Jazz Nep Classic Trousers (NAVY)

・W Stitch Belt

I put together a navy and brown look.

The vests and belts are available at sale prices right now, so be sure to check them out too.

That's all for today!

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