Jean Engineering 入荷しました👖

Jean Engineering has arrived 👖

Hello! This is Ueno from sales.

It's finally getting really cool ! I'm so happy !

Well, the standard jeans that were out of stock have finally arrived~ 📦

"Jean Engineering Series" All three types are available in different sizes . 

Sorry for the long wait!!

From the left

DP-562W Jean Engineering Denim Pants (Regular Straight)

DP-582W Jean Engineering Denim Pants (tight straight)

DP-532W Jean Engineering Denim Overalls

Let's take a closer look 🔍

DP-562 and DP-582 are two straight-type 5- pocket pants with the same detailed features.

A timeless and beautiful silhouette that goes well with any style.

Available in regular straight (562) and slightly thinner tight straight (582) .

There isn't much difference in the pictures, but the fit around the thighs and hems is quite different, so try them on in the store.

The DP-532 is a model with a loose silhouette and suspender buttons and cinch buckles.

The rise is deep and the waist is loose, so you can fine-tune it with the cinch buckle on the back.

Pair it with suspenders for a more classic look.

If you'd like something a little looser and thicker, we recommend this one .

DP-705 Gold Rush Waist Overalls

These jeans were made based on the image of the denim pants worn by gold miners on the American West Coast during the Gold Rush in the mid-1800s .

This item also uses the same 13.5oz fabric as the Jean Engineering series.

The most distinctive feature is the V -shaped slit at the waist , which fits snugly around the waist when tightened with the buckle.

This gives your back silhouette a beautiful look and goes perfectly with suspenders!

It is full of classic atmosphere, faithfully recreating the details of the time, such as the one-sided back pocket, brass buckle, and old-fashioned laurel donut buttons.

Please come and try it on while we still have your size !

Well then, that's all for now.

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