DryBones 夏の風物詩。

DryBones A summer tradition.

Hello, this is Umezu from the Nagoya store.

On my day off recently, I went on a tour to Korankei in Asuke Town, Toyota City.

I usually only drive in the city, so it was really nice to ride on a mountain road with few traffic lights.

If the weather is good, I'd like to go again soon.

Well, today we would like to introduce this item, which has just been restocked.

・Koiguchi shirt "plain" (DS-2348)
Color: white, black
Size: Small, medium, large, extra large

DryBones Koiguchi shirt, a summer staple.

This is a plain type that has been released several times, but sizes have been out of stock for a long time.

Now available in full sizes!

By the way,

S size = small

M size = Medium

L size = large

XL size = extra large

It is written as follows.

The black color that was sold out is now back in stock.

I guess this is the image you're getting.

This is an item that has been inquired about many times since last year,

If you missed out last time, please get in quick!

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