L/S Hawaiian Shirt “MEXICO”

L/S Hawaiian Shirt “MEXICO”

Hello! This is Ueno from sales.

There are only two days left in August, including today!

The super hot month of August is finally over ~ ☀️🔥

That said, I've heard on the news that it's still hot in September ... 😣

However, the weather has started to feel like autumn in the mornings and evenings around here.

The bike feels so good!!

Riding a motorcycle in the middle of summer is hell, whether you're moving or stopping, so I haven't felt like riding for a while.

The sunshine has become a little milder recently, so it's not so hot when I'm running .

I have to give him lots of rides haha

So I finally bought a long-sleeved Hawaiian shirt!!
See below for why now:

Yes here

DS-2694 L/S Hawaiian Shirt “MEXICO”

Many people may think that Hawaiian shirts are for summer.

This is where long sleeve Hawaiian really shines 💪

( Of course, short sleeves are also available .)

Good points about long sleeves

During the hot daytime hours, you can roll up your sleeves to make them almost short sleeves.

The fabric is thin so even if you roll it up to your elbows it doesn't feel bulky.

If you feel too hot even after rolling up your sleeves, wrap them around your waist or back.

It's compact even when you put it in your bag.

( It will be a little smaller than a 500ml plastic bottle. )

It's useful to have this to protect against sunburn and air conditioning.

Feels smooth and comfortable to wear.

Can be worn for a longer period of time than short sleeves.

Cons of long sleeves :

The pictures are a bit summery🍍🌴 ( Some pictures are not summery. )

Rayon is cold in winter ( wearing a long T- shirt will solve the problem 💡 )

There are so many good things to think about!!

We also have patterns from outside of Mexico, so please come and check them out in store.

And here it is🕷

DS-2697 S/S Hawaiian Shirt “SPIDER WEB”

This long sleeve version is currently available for preorder.

The design is suitable for all seasons so you can wear it all year round .

If you are interested, please feel free to contact our staff .

Well, that's about it👋

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