L/S Henley Neck Shirt 新色登場!

New colors available for the L/S Henley Neck Shirt!

Hello, this is Ueno from sales.

It's cold 😩

It's going to get colder from tonight and it's going to snow in Tokyo too... ⛄️

Everyone, please Health, traffic conditions, etc. Please be careful!!

Well, today we will introduce some new products .

DC-694  L/S Henley Neck Shirt

The long-sleeved Henley neck T- shirt that has been on sale for some time now comes in a new navy color!

The fabric is sturdy, so it's warm to wear under a shirt or sweatshirt during this time of year .

It is opaque even when worn alone in early spring and summer. A convenient item that can be worn all year round.

The key point is the cuffs.

The sleeves are short so that they do not get in the way when worn as an inner layer.

It's a little short for men and just the right size for women, making them look slim.

Available in three colors: BEIGE, OLIVE, and the new color NAVY.

It's an item that can be used in any color and can be easily matched with other items. It's also convenient to have different colors .

Please try it on while it is still available in all sizes and colors.

Another long sleeve T - shirt

DC-703 L/S Thermal Henley Neck Shirt

This is a waffle dough version with the same shape as the DC-694 introduced earlier .

It is thick and sturdy, and the unevenness unique to waffles creates layers of air which provide excellent heat retention.

And best of all, waffle fabric is soft and feels great to the touch and wear.

It also adds an accent to the look, giving it a different impression from the long-sleeved T- shirt introduced first.

This comes in two colors : OLIVE and CHARCOAL .

Please come and see it in store 😃

Until next time~ 👋

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