Leather Shoulder Bag

Leather Shoulder Bag

Good evening! This is Tomo from the Tokyo store .

The other day I had a craving for a hamburger, so I went to Nakagawa in Yokohama.

I went to " ROLLER COAST Nakagawa Main Branch" 🍔

(It seems there is a branch here in Minato Mirai as well.)

The meat was very tasty and delicious 😋

(I also like onion rings.)

Today we’re introducing…

Sorry for keeping you waiting💦

" Leather Shoulder Bag " is back in stock!!

DBG-022 Leather Shoulder Bag

Available in black and brown.

Size: Height 22.5cm , width 31.5cm , depth 9cm

The length of the string can be extended up to about 130cm .

The straps can be adjusted by loosening the brass fittings on both sides.

It also has a large pocket on the inside, which is convenient.

This is a sturdy shoulder bag made of cowhide.

It is large enough for everyday use and can easily fit a water bottle and folding umbrella.

Maybe the items you bought will be included too!

Please come and see us in store 🎵

We are waiting for you ☺️


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