Leather Bag

Leather Bag

Good evening. This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.
The other day, I had a sudden craving for a fruit parfait, so I went to a parfait shop produced by a fruit shop that has been in business for 50 years.

I chose the strawberry parfait, which was packed with fruit.
It was sweet and very delicious.
It was a blissful moment ♪

It was sold out as soon as it arrived

The "Leather Shoulder Bag" is back in stock.

Available colors: BLACK and BROWN.

Sturdy cow leather.
The simple design goes well with classic styling.

There is also a large pocket on the inside, so you can easily store A4 notebooks and thick files!

It has quite a large storage capacity!


The strap can be adjusted to your desired length using the brass fittings on either side.

This is also a classic leather waist bag.

Leather Waist Bag (DBG-001)

This is a luxurious bag made from high-quality, finely grained horsehide.

The size is just right and it's easy to use.

This bag is also recommended for motorbike riders.

A leather bag that allows you to enjoy the unique aging process of genuine leather

Please take this opportunity.

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