Lozenge & Cactus

Lozenges & Cactus


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

It's been like a summer day all day!

The other day, I felt that the electric fan I had been using for many years was a little underpowered, so...
I've seen this item many times in American dramas and movies and have secretly longed to get it, so I finally got it.

LASKO box fan!
Although it doesn't have a lot of convenient features, I like its simple look and its very American, simplified design in a good way.

It has a sufficient airflow, so it will be useful for circulating and ventilating the air conditioner this summer.

Well, today we will introduce some recommended items for the upcoming hot season.

It's a summer knit.
This year, we have released two new designs with different atmospheres.

DC-700 Summer Knit "LOZENGE"
Color: Ivory, Lemon

First, the diamond pattern.
This is one of the essential designs for the 50's style.

Although it is called a knit, it is made of cotton cut and sewn fabric with a print, so you can wear it like a T-shirt.
Diamonds of various sizes add movement and add an accent to your outfit.

I paired a wide brim hat with denim trousers.
You can also pair it with linen slacks for a more resort-like look.

Here's another one.

DC-701 Summer Knit "CACTUS"
Color: Ivory x Brown, Ivory x Olive
The ten-gallon hat and cactus give this outfit a Western feel.
This dress has a printed front and other parts with a change of color.

The dull color scheme has a very old-fashioned feel to it.
The cactus thorns are also nicely depicted.

The hem and sleeves have sturdy ribbing, which is another detail that is typical of summer knits.

Here I paired it with wide-legged painter pants.
We recommend bottoms with a loose fit.

Both types have been very well received since they arrived.
We are likely to run out of sizes before the summer season begins, so if you are interested, be sure to check it out soon.

That's all for today.

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