Motorcycle caps

Motorcycle caps

Good evening! This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.
It's gotten really hot in July.
The end of the rainy season is fast approaching and summer is fast approaching.

We just got the item we wanted right now.
The first one is this season's T-shirt.

Print T-Shirt “Devil in Disguise”

A printed T-shirt featuring a woman wearing a motorcycle cap.

This is an adult T-shirt with both motorcycle and music elements.



Sizes: S to XL

And new colors have been added to the classic motorcycle cap!

Johnny Cap

The new color is GRAY!

Currently available in three colors.

If you compare it with the standard SAND, you will notice the difference in atmosphere.

The slightly lighter colour makes it easy to match with monochrome outfits.

Hats are essential for the hot summer
Please try wearing various other items as well.

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