New Arrival

New Arrival


This is Suita, Osaka store.

The lucky draw contest "Gara Gara Pon!" was held until yesterday.

Thank you very much for your participation this time as well!

The various coupons you won in the lucky draw are valid until the end of November, so please use them to shop for your autumn and winter items.

Well, we have received many new items during the event, so we would like to introduce them to you.

First, this.

DV-118 Wool Melton Work Vest

Color: Black

This is a simple and easy-to-use work vest.
The material used is wool melton, which has excellent heat retention.

Vests are especially useful during times like now when there is a large difference in temperature between day and night.

In addition, it is convenient in the middle of winter as it keeps your core warm and, because it has no sleeves, it doesn't get bulky under your outerwear.

The solid black color makes it easy to coordinate with other items and can be worn with a wide range of outfits other than work wear.

The buttons feature a classical engraved pattern.
Because it's such a simple item, these little details make a great accent.

The next is this.

DCH-597 Color Nep Casquette

It's about time to change out items such as newsboy caps.
This is a wool-based blended material.

The black background is dotted with pink and white colored neps, creating an expressive texture.

We also produce sports jackets using the same fabric, which have been well received for their old-fashioned feel.

It has become really cool this month, and it's gotten quite chilly in the mornings and evenings.
It's also a fun season to dress up.

Please come and find your favorite autumn and winter items.

That's all for today.
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