New Arrival

New Arrival

Hello, this is Mayama from the Tokyo store.

On a personal note, I turned 27 the other day.

Compared to what I imagined a 27-year-old to be like when I was younger, I still feel like I'm a child.

We will continue to work hard to improve even more, so we appreciate your continued support.

Well, this time I'd like to introduce

Nep Print 2 Tone Sport Jacket


This item is based on a vintage jacket from the 1950s and is commonly known as a gabardine jacket.

The collar and pocket openings are made of a nep-printed kasuri pattern.

It reproduces the two-tone design that was popular at the time.

The two-tone design makes this a very striking piece that looks really cool!

The fabric has a unique luster and drape, and is incredibly smooth to the touch.

You can wear it with a shirt underneath for a neat look,

I think it would be cool to express a rough 50s style with a T-shirt or something similar.

Now that the weather's cooler, you can wear it alone, but in winter it might be nice to wear an outer layer over it.

Now that we are in autumn, it's even more fun to think about clothes.

Please come to our store!

Well then, that's it for now.

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