New Arrival

New Arrival


This is Suita, Osaka store.

It's the last weekend of October and the cold weather is starting to get worse!

We have received many new items this week, so we would like to introduce them to you right away.

First off, here it is!

DJ-1177 Wool Solid CPO Jacket "SKULL and DRAGON"

A CPO jacket that is perfect for the upcoming season.

This season's design features embroidery on the right sleeve and left chest.

On the left chest is the famous skull and snake embroidery, also seen on Sukajan jackets.
The touch is not too realistic, which gives it a nice atmosphere.

There is a rising dragon on the right sleeve.
This is also a popular design for Sukajan.
An impressive side view!

It also looks good on women as well, as in the photo.
This is a popular item for both men and women.

We have received a large number of pre-orders for this item, and when we checked our current inventory,
There were only 3 sizes left in size 36 (S) (38 and 40 were sold out)

If you find the size fits you, please contact your nearest store as soon as possible!

Here's the restock information.

DWM-119A Snake 2Tone Biker Wallet

We have reproduced the long wallet for the first time in a while!
This is a popular dish that has been made for a long time.

The diamond-shaped snakeskin accents the piece.
Because it is natural python, each pattern is unique.

Like the leather parts, this is an item that you can enjoy as it changes over time.

DWM-116A Kip Wallet "TRI-COLOR"

This is an item made using chic kid leather.
The simple yet expressive leather texture is appealing.

The distinctive feature of this item is the inner switch.
The popular color combination of pink and gray leather is used, and together with the black exterior, it creates a three-color leather finish.

This detail is sure to catch your eye when you take out your wallet.

This is also a great item to give as a gift, so be sure to check it out in store.

We look forward to seeing you again this weekend.

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