This is Suita, Osaka store.

I went to this event the other day.

It's been a while since I last saw their live performance, but it was still so cool!
There were many overseas guests and the venue was in a frenzy!
I was able to get a taste of summer early.

New items are arriving in stores one after another, but today we would like to introduce some items that will get you in the summer mood.


DC-713 Cotton Sweater “BLACK PANTHER”
Color: Smoky Gray, Lemon

This is a new version of the cotton sweater, a popular summer item alongside the Hawaiian shirt.
The first one this season is a Black Panther design!

We have incorporated patterns found in 50's fabrics.
The black panther hiding amongst the tropical plants creates a very exotic and attractive atmosphere.

Lemon, a more summery color,

Two smoky gray colors with a subdued ribbing accent.

And here's more!

DC-712 Cotton Sweater "HARLEQUIN"
Color: Smoky Gray, Mustard

This Harlequin is also a great example of 50's and mid-century style interior design!
It is also a very popular motif for wall decoration, such as hangings.

The irregularly placed diamond pattern also creates an atmospheric print.

The rib color scheme is chic smoky gray,

These two mustard colors go well with denim.

The material used is a fabric called inlay, which is 100% cotton.
Although it's called a cotton sweater, it's more like a thin sweatshirt than a knit.

The fabric has a rough texture and is breathable, making it an item that can be enjoyed like a T-shirt even in the summer.
I personally love them and have several of them, and they're so comfortable to wear I highly recommend them!

I'm struggling to decide what color to use for this design this year.

As the temperatures rise day by day, these items are becoming more and more popular in stores.
We expect sizes to run out during the height of summer, so if you're interested, be sure to check them out early.

That's all for today.
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