New Arrival

New Arrival


This is Suita, Osaka store.

It's finally starting tomorrow!

Spring Fun Event "Lucky Draw Tournament Garagarapon!"

The period is from Saturday, April 20th to Monday, May 6th.
If you're planning a trip this Golden Week, be sure to visit your nearest Dry Bones!!

And today, we have new and restocked items in time for the event, so we'd like to introduce them to you.

First off, here it is!

DS-2721 L/S Print Open Shirt “NATIVE PATTERN”

Color: Black, Beige

This is the third installment in this season's spring/summer original fabric series.
The native pattern found on a vintage gabardine jacket from the 1950s is reproduced in an open shirt!

The geometric dot patterns create a unique atmosphere.

It comes in two colors: a classic black base with a beige print, and a beige base with a wine-colored print, which goes well with denim.

Both are easy to match and are useful for coordinating outfits.

I tried it on right away.
The print is on the chest area of ​​the front, so you can subtly show off the pattern even when wearing a jacket.

The back is also printed, making it simple yet eye-catching.

And now we have short sleeves in stock too.

DS-2722 S/S Print Open Shirt “NATIVE PATTERN”

With the summer-like weather continuing, I'm sure many people are thinking about summer clothes early.

Please choose according to your preference.

Here's the restock information.

DJ-1004 1st Type Pleats Jacket


Sorry for the long wait!
The 1st type denim jacket has finally arrived.

Featuring a flap pocket on one side, a cinch buckle on the back, and T-back design in all sizes, this is a must-have item for denim and vintage lovers.
This is a popular item that quickly sells out of sizes every time it is restocked.

It will probably be some time until the next production run, so if you're interested, be sure to come and check it out!

I've been using it for about three years now and it's grown on me nicely.

I love the design and ease of use.
This is a really recommended item!

And here we go!

DCH-459 Chinocloth Casquette

Color: Black, Khaki

This is also a casquette made using the ever-popular chino cloth.
I think the reason for its popularity is that it is easy to match with other items.

The fabric has a moderate firmness to it, making it suitable for use all year round and easy to wash at home.

Both black and khaki are easy to coordinate, so why not try them in different colors?

Raffle starts tomorrow!
We look forward to seeing you with lots of new items!

That's all for today.

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