New Arrival & Restock

New Arrivals & Restocks


This is Suita, Osaka store.

It's gotten really cold all of a sudden!
But it looks like the temperature will rise a bit from next week.

The temperature changes are drastic, so please take care of your health and have a healthy New Year's holiday.

Well, as if to blow away the cold, there are some noteworthy new and restocked items this week!

First off, here it is!

DJ-1167 Embroidered Jacket "HAWK"


The long-awaited new Sukajan has finally arrived!

The navy side features a hawk with its wings spread across its back, and a dragon and tiger on the chest.
It is filled with popular motifs among Sukajan jackets.

The reverse side of the quilting features a powerful white tiger.
It stands out well against the black background.

It is made of double-sided satin and is filled with padding, but it is not too thick, so it seems like it can be worn for many seasons.

Many other popular items have been restocked!

DJ-1054A N-1 Leather Combination Jacket


This is a very popular outerwear that has been produced for almost 10 years.

This is one of our most cold-weather-friendly outerwear pieces.
The reason it has been loved for so many years is not only its warmth, but also its timeless design and the luxurious leather parts on the cuffs and pockets.
And above all, the lining!

The leopard print fur is thick and goes all the way up to the sleeves.
Not only is it warm, but it's also a hidden stylish feature that is visible when you take your jacket off indoors.

The cold weather is likely to continue for a while, so please take this opportunity.

The next item is also popular.

DJ-1040 Western Style Satin Jacket

DJ-1110 Western Plain Style Satin Jacket

Color: Black, Brown

This western style jacket also sells out immediately whenever it arrives.

Based on a vintage jacket from the 1950s, we have paid particular attention to the fabric and piping ribbons.
The satin fabric has just the right amount of shine and drape, giving it a certain elegance.

The embroidered version will be the focal point of your outfit, while the non-embroidered version goes well with patterned shirts.
Please choose according to your preference.

Lastly, the bottoms!

DP-691F Army Denim Work Trousers

Size: 30~36inch

These denim trousers feature a loose fit and patch pockets on the front.
This piece is a meticulous reproduction of the vintage style, with simplified bar closures and cinch buckles that reach to both ends of the waist.

It would also look great paired with the N-1 deck jacket we introduced earlier!

And lastly, here it is!

DP-705G Gold Rush Waist Overalls

Size: 30~36inch

Sorry for the long wait!

The popular waist overalls, which have been in high demand, are now in stock!
During the American Gold Rush, the word "jeans" didn't even exist yet.
They are modeled after the work pants worn by coal miners of that time.

This item also has a blocky silhouette and is full of old-fashioned details, such as a back pocket on one side and a V-shaped slit on the back of the waist.

We have received many inquiries about this product, and it will be some time until we produce the next batch, so if you are interested, please come in and try it on while sizes are still available.

As the end of the year approaches, we look forward to your visit to our store and sharing our popular items.

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