New Bag & Stole

New Bag & Stole


This is Suita, Osaka store.

Today we will introduce some new items that have just arrived.

First off, here it is!

・DBG-024 Newspaper Bag

One of the items we received a lot of requests for from our customers was the newspaper bag.

This sturdy canvas bag was originally used by newspaper delivery people to carry newspapers.
The simple off-white color goes well with any outfit, making it a very useful item.

Most of them are quite large in size, but the one we made this time is a size that is easy to use on an everyday basis.

However, it has a sturdy gusset and dividers inside, so it has excellent storage capacity and functionality.

The flap has a metal fitting that can be twisted to fasten it, preventing it from flapping and preventing the contents from falling out.
Also, since many shoulder straps cannot be adjusted in length, we have used a part called a "koki" so that you can use them at your preferred length.

It would be great to take advantage of the simple design and customize it with stencils and patches!

The next is this.

・DN-305 Rayon Stole "LOZENGE"

Color: Black, Beige

This scarf features an elegant and striking lozenge (diamond pattern) woven pattern.
It comes in two colors: easy-to-use black and beige (a mustard-like color) which is great for using as an accent.

You can wear it inside your shirt like an ascot tie, as shown in the photo, or just hang it casually around your neck.
It's that time of year when we start thinking about spring outfits.
It is also recommended to switch from scarves to these kinds of accessories to create a seasonal feel.

In addition, an open collar shirt made from the same fabric will be released this spring!
You can also see the actual texture of the fabric, so please come and check it out.

New shirts will be arriving tomorrow, so we look forward to seeing you this weekend!

That's all for today.

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