New Bandanna

New Bandanna

Hello! This is Tomo from the Tokyo store .

I was thinking about making Halloween food for Halloween on October 31st , but ...

So we started thinking, "What is Halloween food?"

I made a menu that included pumpkin lol

Autumn salmon meunière and grilled vegetables.

I've been into grilling vegetables lately, so I've been grilling them 😊

Olive oil, black pepper, and rock salt

It's delicious just by pouring it on♪

The product we will introduce today is

New bandana!!

DB-012  Bandanna “SNOWFLAKE”

DB-013  Bandanna “AZTEC”

It's a three- color bandana.

Of course, you can wipe your hands and sweat,

Wrap it around your neck ...

And then I put it around my neck ... lol

Wrap it around your head 🤗

The rolling instructions are posted on the Tokyo store's Instagram .

Please use this as a reference!

I think the image of the color spread out is different from the image of the color rolled up,

Please try using it in various arrangements .



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