New Casquette!

New Casquette!

Hello, this is Umezu from the Nagoya store.

Today marks the start of December! That means a movie I've been looking forward to for a long time is opening this weekend.

This is a hot topic as it is the first video work in about 26 years.
Yes, I'm from the TV anime generation, so I was in the basketball club when I was a student.
Well, today, I 'm going to talk about "New Arrival Casquette "We would like to introduce you to "

・Wool Flannel Casquette (DCH-591)
Size: FREE
First off, this is wool flannel fabric.
It has a bright yellow color that stands out in autumn and winter and a fluffy texture.

・Wool Herringbone Casquette (DCH-592)
Color: CAMEL
Size: FREE
This is wool herringbone fabric.
It has a camel and ecru herringbone pattern and a glossy finish.

・Silk-Nep Tweed Casquette (DCH-590)


Size: FREE

Tweed fabric with white nap.
These are made from the same fabric as the trousers↓ that arrived earlier.

And this item that was sold out will be back in stock this weekend!

・Chinocloth Casquette (DCH-459)
Size: FREE
Made from unevenly threaded cotton fabric, it can be worn all year round.
It's the same fabric used for chinos, so it goes well with any item.
Time flies, and there's only one month left in the year.
How about getting some DryBones items as a reward for 2022?
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