New Color!Western Jacket

New Color! Western Jacket

This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.
The temperature has dropped significantly this week and it's getting chilly at night.
On my recent day off, I put away my summer futon and brought out my down comforter, and changed all of my clothes to get ready for winter.

Autumn is also a season when we see an increase in customers coming to our store on motorcycles, which is a season that I am personally very happy about.
I was able to take some cool photos of Mr. S who came to our store the other day.
I am always grateful for your help.

Visitors by bike are also welcome!

And today we have new stock in stock.


The Western Style Satin Jacket (DJ-1040) is now available in a new color: BROWN!


Western Style Satin Jacket


A deep brown color.
BLACK is a classic, but BROWN is a rare color that you don't see very often.

Today's styling is with our new tight trousers.

The result is a pale, autumnal look.

This was made based on a vintage jacket from the 1950s.

The fabric used is an original rayon satin that is reminiscent of the material often used in jackets from the 50's.

Sizes are S(36), M(38), L(40)

Gorgeous stitch embroidery.

The embroidery on the cuffs and back is faithfully reproduced based on the vintage design.

The unique luster and drape of the original rayon satin is very appealing.

The lining is bright red satin.
There are also inner pockets on both sides, so the total of four pockets can hold a lot of things, making it convenient.

I compared it with BLACK .
There’s a different kind of astringency to it.

If you're interested, please come and see it in person.
Until next time,

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