NEW ! Game Vest

NEW! Game Vest

Hello! This is KARIN from the Nagoya store.

Recently I went camping with a friend for the first time in a while.

Everyone cooks elaborate dishes and everything is delicious.

The campsite was by the sea, so we were able to see a beautiful sunrise the next morning.
I hadn't seen the sunrise for years, so it was really moving!

Well, today we will introduce new products that are perfect for camping and outdoor activities.

Chinocloth Game Vest (DV-113)

We have some new items in stock, so we'd like to introduce them to you.

This is based on a hunting vest from the 50's.

Available in two colors.


Its special feature is its large storage capacity (lots of pockets)!
A total of 4 locations.

In particular, the pocket on the back has been faithfully reproduced to be quite large, as its original purpose was to be used to store captured prey.

If you put your hand in from behind...

It will go through to the other side.

Did you get the size?

Currently, it is possible to store things like an iPad, files, and magazines without any problems.

Worn immediately.
KHAKI has an outdoor feel and can be paired with casual outfits.

I think it would be very useful for leisure activities like camping, fishing, and cycling.

It's a free size, but the size can be adjusted so it will fit anyone from S to L.

Of course, women too 👌

Black gives the impression of special forces.
It turned out to be a bit of a bold outfit lol

The combination

Deck Overalls (DJ-1118)

I think this is a new item that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and in a variety of combinations, so if you're interested, be sure to check it out.

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