New!  Herringbone Sport Jacket

New! Herringbone Sport Jacket

This is Ueno from sales.

Today the weather is good all over the country ☀️

The temperature was high and it was warm during the day.

But it's forecast to rain again tomorrow... ☂️

However, it doesn't look like the temperature will get any colder, so spring has really arrived!!

Well, it's getting warmer these days 🌸
The perfect outerwear has arrived!

DJ-1184  Herringbone Sport Jacket

A sports jacket made from durable and sturdy herringbone fabric.
This item comes in two different colors and has a different design!

NATURAL has blue leopard print.

BLACK has a chain stitch logo design

Both have piping around the pockets and staggered welts at the pocket openings.
It is designed to combine design and functionality, with features such as an air vent under the armpits.

Since it has no lining, it is a piece that can be worn for a long time throughout the year.

The jacket itself is made the same, but the colors and patterns are so different.
I'm really struggling to decide which one to choose lol

I recommend buying two colors because it's definitely a good product .

And of course, this jacket goes with everything.

DC-694 L/S Henley Neck Shirt

A simple and versatile long-sleeved Henley T-shirt.

BEIGE and NAVY, which were out of stock, are now in stock.



The sleeve length is a little short, 9/10 sleeves,
The cuffs won't bunch up even when you layer them with outerwear or shirts.

This piece looks great on its own, and is also useful as an inner layer!!

It's also very convenient to have this in different colors 👍

The products introduced today will be available in all stores on Friday the 29th.

Please come and try it on at the store 🍭

Until next time~ 👋

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