New Item

New Item


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

Many new items have arrived this week.

I would like to introduce it to you right away.

First, this.

DS-2644 S/S Dobby Cuba Shirt


This is the first Cuban shirt released in a long time.
It is popular for its unique details not found in other shirts, such as its slightly longer length, decorative fabric texture, and pocket placement reminiscent of a shirt jacket.

The calm brown color of this collection is easy to coordinate with other items, and goes well with denim, two-pleat trousers, and summery shorts.
This is an item you'll want to have along with a Hawaiian shirt during the summer.

Next up is a new color.

DC-698 Gran-pa Shirt

Color: Beige, Olive, Black

At first glance, it looks like a Henley neck shirt.
Only the chest area is made of striped fabric, while the rest is made of cut and sewn fabric.
This makes it a distinctive piece that makes it look like you're wearing a shirt when you wear the jacket.

You can see it in that classic movie too.

It goes without saying that it goes well with suspenders, but we also recommend pairing it with overalls for a casual look.

And lastly, this one.

DS-2657 S/S Nep Open Shirt

Color: White, Brown, Black

Sorry for the wait, 50's fans!
The Nep series is one of the most popular shirts from Dry Bones.

The uneven texture of the fabric and the color balance with the nep yarn are wonderful.

It's definitely recommended for fans of the 50's and rockabilly, but it's also a simple and easy-to-match item that can be worn regardless of genre.

We also have new items in stock, such as belts and denim items, so be sure to stop by Dry Bones this weekend.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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