This is Ueno from sales.

Only 3 days left this year !

As you get older, the years go by faster, haha. That's annoying... haha.

Christmas is over , now we have to prepare for the New Year!

We have just received some warm outerwear that is perfect for this time !

DJ-1171 Wool Shaggy Check Sport Jacket

Shadow check sports jacket.

Available in two colors: BROWN and NAVY .

Made of wool mosser fabric with slightly long pile.

The collar, sleeves and hem are sturdy and ribbed

The neck can also be closed all the way up.

The lining is quilted with padding, so it has excellent heat retention.

One more

DJ-1172 Faux Fur Shawl Collar Jacket

Jacket made of charcoal grey faux fur fabric.

The shawl collar and toggles are the highlights!

The fur is shiny and has a luxurious feel .

This one also has a quilted lining with padding and is long enough to cover the buttocks, so it looks warm 🔥

A warm jacket is essential for New Year's Eve and New Year's visits to shrines .

Please come and see us in store.

*The outerwear introduced today will be available in all stores tomorrow.

And today, I, Ueno, am on duty for the last blog of the year.

Thank you for this year too ❤️

Everyone, please take care not to get sick during the New Year holidays.

( Especially be careful not to drink too much lol )

See you next year 👋 Have a happy new year !

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