NEW Neck Tie

NEW Neck Tie


This is Suita from the Osaka store.

First off, some news today!

This season has come again this year!

"Lucky Draw Tournament Rattle!"

This year the event is scheduled to take place from April 22nd (Sat) to May 7th (Sun), including Golden Week.

During the event period, you can enter a lucky draw for every 10,000 yen you spend, and you'll win a prize according to the color of the ball you get!
In addition, customers who spend over 30,000 yen will get to try their hand at the dice game "Zorome de Pon."
If you roll the three dice and get a perfect triple number, you'll win a fantastic prize!

This is an event that many customers look forward to every time, so please look forward to it this time as well.

Starting this weekend, Saturday, March 18th, we will also be giving out advance lottery tickets!

You will be given lottery tickets according to the amount of your bill, so if you bring them with you during the event period, you can enter the lottery according to the number of tickets you have.

New items are arriving all the time, so be sure to get them along with your lottery ticket while they're still in stock.

Now let us introduce the new items that arrived this week.


・DN-303 Seven Fold Neck Tie “SQUARE”
Color: Green, Orange, Wine

・DN-304 Seven Fold Neck Tie "ELLIPSE"

New designs now available for the popular 7-fold necktie!

Both have dynamic patterns that will brighten up the V-zone of a suit or even the chest area when wearing casual clothing.
It's also recommended as a spring gift for new beginnings and celebrations such as work ceremonies and school entrance ceremonies!

Come see it while the wide range of colours is still available.

That's all for today.

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