This is Suita, Osaka store.

Dry Bones Osaka store's 25th anniversary sale began last week.

Thank you to all the customers who visited us every day!

The event will run until tomorrow, Thursday, November 30th, so we look forward to seeing you on weekdays as well.

Well, during this event we received some new jackets so we'd like to introduce them to you.


DJ-1178 Herringbone Equestrian Jacket

This is the first time we've made an Equestrian jacket in a long time.
Based on the shape of a riding jacket, this piece is both classic and elegant.

Distinctive lapel design.
It creates a different look for the chest area than a typical jacket.
The decorative stitching on the chest pocket is also a subtle accent.

The fabric is a wool-based blend.
The fabric has a warm feel.
The fine herringbone weave pattern is also very expressive.

The lining of the body is a deep green and the sleeves are striped, giving it a tailored look.

This jacket can be worn on its own, but we also recommend pairing it with the matching trousers, which are already in stock, for a set-up look.

With the coming season bringing more gatherings, why not wear this for a party?

It is also recommended as a special outfit for special occasions such as the Coming of Age Ceremony coming up in the new year!

The jacket and trousers are sold separately, so if you're thinking of buying the whole set, be sure to check it out soon!

That's all for today.

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