New Shirt

New Shirt


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

The mornings and evenings are getting colder, and we can feel winter approaching.

On my day off recently, I took a trip to Shiga Prefecture and went to a hamburger restaurant that I had previously seen on Instagram and had been interested in.

Cali Mart is located in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture.

It looks like an American house.

There were other customers so I didn't take any photos inside the store, but the goods and lighting were displayed tastefully,
It was a wonderful shop where you could feel the owner's passion.

The burgers were of course delicious, so if you're in the area, why not give them a try?

Well, new products are arriving every day, so we will introduce them to you today.

Today's special is shirts!

First, this.

DS-2670 Dobby Band Collar Work Shirt


This is a work shirt with a popular band collar.
It has a classic feel and creates a clean look around the neck.

The fabric is a finely woven dobby fabric.
It's a simple yet expressive piece.

Recommended for old-fashioned styles that incorporate suspenders and overalls.

The next is this.

DS-2671 Indigo striped work shirt

Color: Indigo

A striped work shirt that can be easily incorporated into any style.
The pattern is also expressed through weaving.

You can wear it unwashed for a rough look, or you can tie it up and use it as an inner layer with a set-up.
This is a versatile piece of clothing.

And lastly, this one.

DS-2672 Nep 2 Flap Open Shirt

Color: Navy

A two-flap type napped open shirt that is always popular.
It's made of a wool-based blend material, making it perfect for this time of year.

It's a deep navy color that's almost black, so it goes well with any color bottom or outerwear.

The back of the yoke and flap are made of lavender cupra material.
I want to pay attention to even the parts that can't be seen.

Of course, this item goes well with 50's and rockabilly style outfits, but it is also easy to incorporate into any genre.

This time we have shirts in a wide variety of collar styles and materials.
Please come and find your favorite.

That's all for today.

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