New Shirts

New Shirts


This is Tommy from the Osaka store.

Today's announcement.

It finally starts tomorrow!

Lucky draw tournament!

Every year when this event starts I feel that autumn has arrived.

New items are arriving all the time, so be sure to check them out and try your hand at the lucky draw!

Well, to coincide with this event, we have a lot of new shirts in stock this week.

First, this.

・DS-2660 Solid Flannel 2 Flap Open Shirt
Color: Red, Mustard

A two-flap open shirt that goes perfectly with 50's style.
Both are bright solid colors that go perfectly with denim.

In the coming season, it will be useful not only as a main piece of your outfit, but also as an accent piece under a jacket.

Another flannel shirt,

・DS-2662 Ash Flannel Italian Collar Shirt
Color: Red, Gray

This is a flannel shirt in a deep ash color.
The collar is an Italian style, giving it a sexy look.

The soft flannel material is very comfortable to wear.

As a fan of Italian colors, I can't get enough of this one either.

・DS-2663 G Cref 2-tone Italian Collar Shirt
Color: Blue, Wine

The musical note pattern on the front of this dress is eye-catching.
By switching the rest of the outfit to grey, you can wear it with a subdued look without it being too pop.

The dynamic music note pattern is great.
If you love music, you should definitely check it out!

Finally, this short-sleeved item was very popular this summer.

・DS-2668 Nep Open Shirt
Color: Black, White, Brown

The rayon napped open shirt has been a long-time favorite at Dry Bones.
The gradient neps are woven into a grid pattern, giving the fabric a rich texture.

Not only can you wear it by itself, but we also recommend pairing it with a gabardine jacket for a 50's or rockabilly style look.

It's the perfect season for long-sleeved shirts, so be sure to come and have a look while sizes are still available.

We look forward to seeing you during the three-day weekend.

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