New! T-シャツ!!

New! T-shirts!!


This is Ueno from sales.

It's springtime weather and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom🌸

But today it's raining all day 😞☂️

But even though it's raining, the temperature is surprisingly high.

From tomorrow onwards, there will be many days with temperatures around 20 degrees.

It's comfortable and it doesn't seem to get cold anymore ☀️

Well, spring and summer products are arriving one after another, but today I'd like to introduce you to some T -shirts 🔍

PT-880    Print T-Shirt “Burbank Speedway”

" Burbank " on the American West Coast, where hot rods were popular at the time.

The design is reminiscent of the grass races held in various parts of the country.

PT-881 Print T-Shirt “NEW ENGLAND”

Laconia in 1954 Gypsy lace design 🏍

The printed part is a three-dimensional flocked print.

PT-882    Print T-Shirt “HABERDASHERY”

A simple logo T -shirt.

"HABERDASHERY " is an old American word meaning "clothing store."

This is also a flocked print.

T- shirts can be worn all year round, so it's good to have as many as you like .

It has already been on sale since last weekend.

Check it out while your favorite colors and sizes are still available .

And then, it's finally this weekend!

It will be held on Saturday, April 13th in Shimoda , Shizuoka Prefecture.

"VIVA IZU SHIMODA  LET'S GO! Rockin'n'Rollin'!"

We will be exhibiting at the event!!

This is the second time we have opened a store since last year .

The weather looks fine this year, so we should be able to have the pool party we couldn't have last year because of the rain .

Pool party lol, it's celebrity-like🤣

I've only seen it in foreign movies, so I'm really looking forward to it .

I, Ueno, will be at the DryBones booth, so please come and have a look and talk to me❤️❤️

There will also be some items being released at the event for the first time, so look forward to it !

Thank you for your support🙇‍♀️

That 's all for today👋

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