New Trousers

New Trousers


This is Suita, Osaka store.

The popular trousers mentioned in the title are now in stock.

DP-839 Gurkha Trousers

Size: 30-34 inches (Khaki only available in 30 and 32 inches)

These Gurkha trousers feature a wide waist belt and a thick, in-tuck silhouette.
This item has been so popular that it has sold out immediately after arriving in stock.

This time, the colors are khaki and black, both of which are versatile and easy to match, and can be used all year round, so the range of coordination options will be greatly expanded.

This part is definitely distinctive.
This is a pair of pants that you should definitely wear with your top tucked in and the belt showing.

Although it has a wide silhouette, the waist position is much higher than usual, so you can wear it with style.

The next is this.

DP-840 High Back White Work Trousers

Color: Natural
Size: 30 to 36 inches

White work trousers are perfect for wearing during the summer.
The slightly off-white fabric color is easy to match with other items and gives off an old-fashioned feel.

The shape is the popular high back type.
When worn with suspenders, the back is higher and, combined with the cinch buckle, creates a classic back style.

It also comes with belt loops, so you can wear it depending on the top and mood you want to wear that day.

This also has a loose silhouette that allows for easy movement.
We have a wide range of sizes available, but each item is produced in limited quantities, so if you're interested, please come in and try them on as soon as possible.

The above two pairs of pants have already arrived at the Tokyo store, and will arrive at the Osaka and Nagoya stores tomorrow, May 19th (Friday).

Many other new items will arrive tomorrow so stay tuned!

That's all for today.

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