New Trousers

New Trousers

Hello, this is Mayama from our Tokyo store.

My three-day summer vacation was ruined by the typhoon. But I'll take it in a positive way and think of it as a chance to rest my body.

So I'll do my best today too.

Well, this time we will introduce our new pants.

Cotton Twill Frisco Jeans


size: 30 32 34 36

Frisco jeans are pants that were popular among longshoremen in the 1920s.

Frisco jeans are often made from the standard cotton-polyester work material, but Dry Bones makes them from 100% cotton.

This is a pair of jeans that you'll want to wear and wash often to develop your own unique character.

Here's an image of it worn.

The thickness and ruggedness typical of workwear is irresistible!

It also comes with a cinch back.

Even the fine details are faithfully reproduced.

And it comes in a color that will be easy to use in the coming season.

If you want a pair of rugged work pants, these are the perfect choice.

Please come and see us in store.

Well then, that's it for now.

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